Szymon Martyniak

I graduated from uniform master's studies at the Faculty of Psychology of the SWPS University in Warsaw (specialty: shaping and modifying behavior). I am a psychotherapist during a comprehensive 4-year psychotherapeutic training at the Department of Psychotherapy at the Jagiellonian University Medical College.

Szymon Martyniak

I am a member of the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Scientific Section of Family Therapy. I gained experience in the Psychotherapy Department of the University Hospital in Krakow. I subject my work to constant supervision.



For over a dozen years I have been helping people facing various challenges at work (lack of fit, lack of sense, lack of development, professional burnout, mobbing) and in relationships (communication problems, lack of fit, regret, sadness, disappointment, situational difficulties, intimacy) . I focus on a good therapeutic relationship because it is the basis for change. During the session, I help to understand problematic thoughts, emotions and behaviors. I have worked with people from different cultures and communities who experience difficulties due to their background, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, education, physical and mental health. My work is regularly supervised. I am a member of the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Scientific Section of Family Therapy.


I offer psychological and psychotherapeutic support for people who:

  • want to increase knowledge about themselves and improve their functioning in key areas of life (work, relationship, relationship with themselves and other people),
  • experience problems in establishing and maintaining satisfying relationships,
  • are looking for ways to live an interesting, valuable and full life,
  • experience stress and other difficulties in the professional sphere,
  • experience conflicts, aggression, violence, discrimination,
  • want to increase control over the achievement of their goals,
  • they feel lonely, lost, misunderstood.

Therapy takes place in the office in Krakow or on-line.

In the process of individual psychotherapy, through a relationship and conversation with a psychotherapist, a person contacts their own thoughts and feelings, deepening self-awareness and self-acceptance. Thanks to this, he has the opportunity to reach the essence of his problems and find solutions, actions and behaviors that are appropriate for him. Psychotherapy is a conscious and intentional action, the purpose of which is to help and accompany a person in changing or modifying his behavior, beliefs, emotions and/or other personal characteristics to those that he considers more desirable. The basis of psychotherapy is the relationship between the patient and the psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy sessions usually take place once or twice a week and last 50 minutes.

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